Prophecy for Europe and America: It is Literally the Next Reformation that Will Come

The Spirit of the Living God is preparing a great wind. There is a tumultuous heaven right now. There are spirits whispering, “Europe, we made you so cold. We have hardened the hearts of the youth,” demons say. “They cannot take what we have chained; they cannot.” The demons are saying, “We must stop this.” But the Spirit of the Lord says, “Hear, oh Europe. Hear, divided Europe. Your sons and your daughters are dissatisfied, as was Martin Luther. This is the beginning,” says the Lord, “of a reformation. Watchmen on the wall have died. Oh watchmen, watchmen, what of the night? Watchmen, what of the night? Watchmen, watchmen, what of the night?! Watchmen, what of the night! ‘It is still,’ says the watchmen, but it is not. It is not.”

“There is a storm brewing,” says the Lord, “but this is not an actual one.” And God said, “There will be a great, massive fight – just one war. One war shall manifest in four different countries. The beast of the east who has said, ‘We will remove Christianity in total from Europe, America, Israel – we will remove their God and we will bring Allah.’ There is a storm brewing, but,” God says, “I have already prepared the angels. I have already prepared an outpouring, and that which is dying shall suddenly come back to life.

Italy, Germany, France, you made an alliance. You were an ally to the Third Reich. There is a fourth one arising from the east to take over your streets, to take over your children, and remove Jesus.” But the Spirit of God said, “Truth will prevail. A cause will not prevail. And the people will begin to arise from the streets and I will manifest Myself in whorehouses, I’ll go to red light districts, I’ll begin to take them from their place of pain and turn it into a place of reign,” says the Lord.

God said, “There’s going to be a reformation, but this time,” God said, “I’ll use Germany, I’ll use Italy – yes, I’ll use Holland, the Netherlands. I’ll use France. They will stand, and they will stand against the Spirit – and those will be the countries that I’ll begin a great reformation in; and there will be an abolishment of the laws of men, and your young men and young women shall rise, rise, rise and shout, shout, shout!”

Everybody in this building, say this with me: Those who are with us are greater than those who are against us. I’m talking about the angels of the Lord that are with us. If you don’t believe me, my friend, I want to tell you something: We’re blind. God is raising up young Davids and young Samuels. “They’re going to begin to prophesy to the dead bones and they’re going to bring life to this nation and to Europe again,” says the Lord. Those who are with us are greater than those who are against us.

This is the Day You’ve Been Waiting For

Prophetic song:“There is a rain, there is a rain coming, a rain like you’ve never seen before. And then you will say, ‘This could be the day we’ve been waiting for.’ And then you will say, ‘This could be the day we’ve been waiting for.’ I’m going to send the rain, a rain like you’ve never ever known; and miracles will come, signs and wonders will fill your streets outside the Church. 

“Listen to the rain, listen to the rain, listen to the rain. Abundance is coming, if only you can see it. Many of you will say, ‘This is the day we’ve been waiting for.’ Then they will see things like they’ve never seen before.”

God says, “This is the day every one of you have been waiting for. This is the day many of you have been praying for – the day of rain, the day of abundance coming your way, coming your way. Lift up your hands for the rain, lift up your voice in the holy place. Lift up your hands in the holy place right now, let it rain. Many of you that have struggled with darkness, many of you that have cried in despair, you’ll say, ‘This is the day that I’ve been praying for. Hallelujah.'” 

This is the day we’ve been waiting for, send the rain! This is the day we’ve been waiting for, send the rain!

“For this rain is like a rain that we’ve never seen before. This rain is likened unto the rain that came when Elijah prophesied,” says the Lord. “This rain will bring freshness to the soil, freshness to the Church, freshness to the people, and Europe shall arise and a flame shall come forth, just like the flame that came on the altar when Elijah,” said to the Lord, “Here is our sacrifice, now consume the sacrifice.” As we give unto You praise, oh Lord, we pray, Send the rain, send the rain, the rain, send the rain.

“Europe, They Will Begin to Prophesy as David Prophesied on the Harp”

The soil of Europe has been plowed by people like this. It brought some of the greatest composers. It gave to humanity Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Mozart. I could go on and on. “The one thing that I have kept for Europe is a very specific music that will come. In this reformation,” says the Lord, “there will be mundane Mozarts and Beethovens, but there shall be a force of a different stock. They will begin to combine different genres of music and I shall breathe upon it,” says the Lord, “and sacred songs shall come from them.

“They will begin to prophesy as David prophesied on the harp. Your children – some here, that are even to be born, watching all over the earth now, in your womb – there is a sound, a leaping like John leapt in the womb at the presence of the unborn Christ. Some of you pregnant right now are about to bring forth a sound, bring forth a sound, a sound that is going to touch the untouchable, reach the unreachable, prophesy to dead bones – it will antagonize the devil. But out of Europe shall emerge children that were removed, that were removed – (in) the Second World War, that were supposed to be born. Can I not pay back?” says the Lord. “This is the day of vengeance.”

Are you hearing what the Lord is saying? Why do you think little ones are being aborted? Satan is afraid of the sound of David that is about to be born. Alleluia. Alleluia. Spirit, come upon Your people right now. Alleluia. Alleluia. I break the power of death in the name of Jesus Christ.

“I Will Begin Something New; I Will Begin in France”

Prophesied on November 14, 2010 fromParis, France:

The Spirit of the Lord says, “There is a sound that I have been waiting to hear, the sound that once was on the earth. Thousands of years ago that sound existed, but it was taken away for a season. But then it came back on the Day of Pentecost. It came back on the Day of Pentecost, but then it disappeared, but came back again, and then it disappeared – the sound from Heaven would come and it would go. It would be huge and then it would diminish. Then it would go away. God says, “This sound is coming back and it will never go again.

There will be a second reformation in Europe, but it shall not be done, it shall not come through Germany.” But God says, “I will begin in France. I will begin something new. All the tribes of the earth shall be affected by the sound. I walk through the earth to hear the sound. I’ve found it very seldom. I searched to hear the same sound that came from King David, but I could not find it. I listened for the sound of high praise and I said, ‘Where is Judah? Where is Judah? Where is the lion of the tribe of Judah?’ Then I came to you; I heard your sound,” says the Spirit of God. “And when I heard your sound, the angels were rejoicing, demons were trembling, for this was the sound that I want to come on the earth with. Let Me hear that sound! Let Me hear the sound! Let Me hear the sound,” says the Lord!

“Now,” God says, “pray, pray, pray! The sound is being sent to a higher place, the sound is being sent to a higher place. From this sound, I will reach all the tribes of the earth. Christian, Jewish, Islam, Buddha – they shall hear Jesus. It shall touch every tribe, every nation, every language from this sound from this place. It shall never end. It shall go, and go, and go, and go, and go. It shall multiply, multiply, multiply, multiply.”

Europe and France: I Will Listen to Your Praise and Move in Your Youth”

Prophetic song:“There once was a sound that I heard; it came from the people of France. They’d sing Me a song of love and I’d stand in their streets and listen. They’d sing, ‘Alleluia,’ they’d sing, ‘Praise the Lord Most High.’ They’d sing, ‘Our God is One,’ and I’d listen to their songs. But then they turned away from Me, turned away from Me and walked the other way, but I found the light, I found the light in you. I will shine in France.

“There once was a song they sang, their hearts were filled with love, then they turned away in Europe, they went astray. And as they walked away from Me, My heart broke, My Word began to fade, the light was taken away. But never again, because of you,” says the Lord, “because of you, because of what you’ve done, I will shine My light again, shine My light again in Europe. I will shine My light again, shine My light in Europe.”

You will shine Your light again, shine Your light again in Europe. You will shine Your light again, shine Your light again in our lives. You will shine Your light again, shine Your light again in our land.

“I will listen to your praise and move in your youth; I’ll raise your children up. They’ll sing the songs of Judah.”

This is the House that God’s Been Waiting For

This is the house that God’s been waiting for. This is the house that God’s been waiting for. “Your enemy tried to stop you time and time and time again, and every time he has tried to fight you, to stop you, I have multiplied My vindication. I will vindicate and justify and your fight will no longer be a struggle – always a fight of faith.” But God says, “I am going to change the guards. There will be a changing of the guards even in this city. They will invite you to their events and you will say, ‘We have built a house for Europe and the nations of the world and we will not use any other place. Come to our house!’

“This is a moment of dedication. I have told you that you will change the rules and the laws. This is just the beginning. You shall have schools, a college, university, universities, and you will change the mindset through education; and a system shall be formed in France that is unique, more unique than any other educational system. People shall come from all over the world and they shall say, ‘Let us go to the House of the Living God, let us go to the House of the Living God.'”

I know you’ve been standing for a long time. God told me just to stand and breathe on you and prophesy. We just heard what He’s about to do. Today He spoke to me about the difference between King David and King Solomon. David was a man of war; Solomon, a man of peace. God said, “This is a spirit, a kingdom likened unto the kingdom of Solomon that is coming forth from you. At this dedication, the altar shall be opened up, for not only is this house dedicated, I Myself,” says the Lord, “will pay off five times over and over, like the Queen of Sheba that came and laid at his feet riches.”

I read it this morning. And God said, “I want to do exactly like I did for Solomon and why can’t I? If I can do it for them, then I’ll do it for you. If I did it for Moses, I’m going to do it for you. If I did it for Abraham, I can do it for you. If I could do it for Solomon, then I will do it for you.”

My question to you is this: Why not us? Why not us? Why not us? If He could do it for them, if they could have miracles, then why not us? If they could have wealth, why not us? If they could have the Holy Spirit in a diminished form, why can’t we have Him in His fullness? Why not us! Why not us! Why not us! Why not us!

The Altar of Grace

“There will always be an altar for My people in this house. There will always be a place of amazing grace. There will always be a place where I will show My face, and the Christmas of this year, I will show Myself in an unusual way. It shall flow out of this house into your houses, into the streets, and I will begin performing wondrous things in the highways and the byways with the young and the old because of My altar in this place.”

Song of the Lord:“There’s an altar in this house where you can meet Me face to face; I can show you My grace and you can see My face. There’s an altar in this house, it’s the altar of grace, it’s the altar of grace.”

(Kim goes to the front of the altar and kneels): Holy One, I bow before You at this altar with oil dripping on this altar. I pray that you would join me, Pastor and Annette. Everybody raise your hands and begin to worship Him. (Kim begins to sing): There’s an altar in this place; He’ll always show His face. It’s called the altar of grace.

Now, as this man and his wife bow before the Lord with me, Father, You have something so unusual that You have promised. We dedicate this house, even though it has been done before, I stand with them as a prophet, a prophetic voice. In the Book of Hosea it says that by a prophet Israel was brought out of Egypt, and by a prophet Israel was preserved. Lord, I promise and commit to this altar that I will preserve, through prayer, by praise, by intercession, by presentation. I promise to preserve, to cover, along with others, this man, his house, his family, and his people. Now this is what the Spirit says to you before I do anything else:

“The People I Have Given You Will Multiply, Subdue the Earth and Spread Your Words Abroad”

“Many of your prayer times you have kneeled before Me. Your prayers have come before Me as a sweet incense. There are many things that must yet happen, but your prayers have come before Me as a memorial. The people that I have given unto you will multiply, subdue the earth and take your words and spread them abroad. For,” God says, “you will even go to those places that your people have come from. This will be known as a house of prayer, a house of praise for all nations. But,” God says, “I promise to preserve you as I promised David. I will preserve you from evil. I will preserve you and your soul, your ministry and your house. I will preserve you from this day onward and even forevermore.”

“A War Will Take Place, But it Shall Be Short-Lived”

The Lord does speak to me from time to time. He said, “What I’m raising up there will bring about a spiritual warfare – not internally, but I will guard them from that. But Europe will be affected. And the same way that Daniel was praying, there was a war in the heavenlies, the Prince of Persia. There was a battle going on, as there is today. And France shall join forces with Great Britain and some other nations. There will be a war – it shall be a short war.”

Hear me, please. “This war – and I’m not talking about a spiritual war – a war will take place. It shall be short-lived, because as France destroyed the power of invasion from the Middle East in the seventh century, so shall it rise up and destroy the invading forces from the beast of the east; and they will overcome an agreement between Russia and Iran, and they will only win because I’ve placed this house on the soil of France; and because of your words, the battle shall be won in the heavenlies,” says the Lord.

You say, “Kim, we don’t want the war.” Well, too bad. There shall be, but don’t get frightened. We have an enemy that wants to invade, to take Christ out of Europe. Sitting on the front row here is a pastor from the Netherlands and a pastor from England. They represent the soil and the territories where God is going to pour out His Spirit. Germany will be included, and Italy, too – there shall be a great move of the Spirit. It is literally the next reformation that will come about because of reconciliation. And the Fourth Reich shall be overcome, for the hatred for the Jewish people and the people of Christ is causing demonic rage. But God has made a declaration. One word out of the mouth of these people and the battle shall be won. That word is Yeshua, Jesus, Jesus. Say His name! Say His name!

Yeshua, You’re the mighty One, Yeshua, You’re the mighty One.

You are His inheritance and so precious to Him, and what you carry in you is His inheritance. He’ll fight for it. If someone tries to take it away from you, He’ll break their hand. In fact, the Spirit of God said to me, and I’ll say it to you right now, “Let any man come and try and remove this that I have raised up – I will kill him,” says the Lord. Why would God kill somebody? Because God will not allow His inheritance to be taken from you – that’s how sacred and jealous He is over this. He purchased you, not with corruptible things like silver and gold, but with the precious Blood of His Son.

There is no mortgage in His estate, in you and in this house. Five times over. What does that mean? It means they’re going to discover something regarding the value. He that has an ear let him hear what the Spirit is saying, because there is purchasing about to happen. They will find something about the value and they will say, “This is incorrect. We owe them! Let us try and hide it!” They will look at their work again and they will say, “It’s wrong.” You are not to blame. They will realize that there’s been an error, a mistake; five times more the value shall be given so that you may broadcast.

The law has restricted you in terms of your broadcasting, but this is what I want you to know: A massive media center is going to be raised up for the world to taste and see that in Paris the Lord is good, the Lord is good, the Lord is good! So the Lord spoke to me and said, “I want you to give $15,000 of My money.” I want to sow it into your media department. So much confidence do I have that God wants this broadcast throughout the earth, that’s my commitment to you. I want to be the first to do it. I am going to be blessed.

There is no mortgage in His estate, that’s you. I’m talking about you, the property of God. No lawsuits can be raised by opposing claimants. The price was in open court. God lay Himself down in crucible form to be dissected by humanity, taken to pieces – let’s look at Him as He lay in crucible form, arms open wide, they dissected Him. Let’s look and see what God is all about – that when that Blood flowed and that Blood hit the earth, it was the end. Mankind was purchased, God’s inheritance was given back that day 2,000 years ago. The Blood of Jesus purchased you. There is a Blood mark on all the chosen of God, and the hosts of Heaven, when they see the Blood mark – they either run away, or they run to you.

The Economy of America is Changing

Prophesied on November 18, 2010 from The Matrix:

I hear the Lord saying, “I want to speak to you right now. I want you to know that you have stood with Me and you have continued through My trials, through the trials that have come your way; and even if you took a longer time to get through it, you stood with it, and therefore I will bless you.”

The economy of this nation is changing as we speak. As we speak, God is raising up the standard of righteousness in this nation. As you are watching right now, during this very moment, God is adjusting things so that He’ll show favor to you, the Warriors of the Most High God, who have stood with Him and continued through your trials. Because you’ve done that, God said, “I am making places and positions in business so that you will prosper.”

God wants His people to prosper; and do not tell me that He doesn’t want you to prosper, because if you, the righteous, do not prosper, then the wicked will prosper – and if the wicked prosper, that means they will propagate and send forth evil and they will legislate evil. And God says, “There cannot be a legislation of evil – only unity.

And God said, “It will happen as I place some of you in lofty positions. Prepare yourselves. Did I not say to you that I would take Ford Motor Companyand I would show it as an example of an American heritage and that this would be a sign that I’ve not finished with America yet? And the founding fathers have looked upon this and they have thought to themselves and prayed that the will of God be done. Even as their prayers were answered in their day and even in generations after that, their prayers will be answered today. Why do I speak of Ford? Because many of you were touched and blessed because of it, and prospered because of it.

“Now listen, there’s more to come. He who has an ear let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church. You are about to see your entire position changing, if you have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying, and if you overcome. And yes, you have found out that you’re an overcomer – then prepare yourself for a pouring out, a double portion, an increase, an acceleration, for this is My plan from this point onward,” says the Lord. “Watch how I change the economy, and watch: Even I will show you by taking the weakest and making them strong. Rejoice, for the Lord has spoken.”